Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Seeks Public Participation in Public Visioning Process

Pitkin County is now seeking applications from community members interested in participating in four different volunteer advisory groups set up to inform decision-making on airport modernization and improvement in the coming years. Applications will be accepted until December 7, 2018, and the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners will appoint participants by early next year.

These community advisory groups are a key function of a comprehensive community engagement process. Over the next 14 months, Pitkin County will lead a public dialogue and public process to help establish a vision for the future of Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, ASE Vision. This vision will define airport improvements for the next 30 years. The process will involve extensive coordination, collaboration, and visioning with the community and other airport stakeholders to ensure that the airport continues to: meet the community’s air service needs; reflect the community’s identity, values, and sustainability goals; integrate with alternative modes of transportation; adapt to changes in the aviation industry; and provide safe, efficient, accessible, reliable and environmentally-responsible airport services and facilities. The engagement process will include numerous opportunities for public participation, input, and information exchange and seeks to hear from all corners of the community.

“The goal is to convene community collaboration across a diverse and inclusive cross-section of interests to provide feedback, share project information, and ultimately inform the Pitkin County’s decision-making process,” said Airport Director John Kinney. “This process is different from the Environmental Assessment public outreach. Now, we need the public to help us envision the airport improvements so that we can make sound investments in our community’s airport for the next 30 years.”  

Four advisory groups have distinct focuses, all with the purpose of facilitating a two-way flow of communication between the community and the County:

  1. Airport Vision Committee will serve as the overarching project advisory committee focused on holistic project development.
  2. Community Character Working Group will evaluate and provide input on priority issues related to community values, neighborhood character, and quality of life.
  3. Airport Experience Working Group will evaluate and provide input on how the overall airport experience integrates with the regional community.
  4. Technical Working Group will evaluate and distill complex technical topics into readily understandable concepts for community-wide discussion.

These are volunteer positions, with a time commitment beginning in early 2019. Each advisory group will convene at key milestones throughout the visioning process. Approximately six meetings are anticipated and members should plan on a time commitment of between three to five hours per month. Any full- or part-time resident of Pitkin County is eligible to join an advisory group, and all interested parties are encouraged to apply. Final appointments will consider experience and expertise relevant to each specific group. Find applications and learn more about participation, guidelines, and expectations on the program website: Paper applications are available at the Pitkin County Administration and Sheriff’s Office, 530 E. Main St., and/or at the Airport Administration office in the airport terminal. Applications may also be requested by emailing or by calling 970-309-2156. 

Recommendations made by the Airport Vision Committee, along with input from the topic-focused airport advisory groups and overarching community, will inform the County’s decision-making process. Through this process, Pitkin County is committed to ensuring that the airport’s future is reflective of the collective community character and values.

Applications will be accepted until December 7, 2018, and the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners will appoint participants by early next year.




The public visioning process and dialogue will take a holistic look at an overall vision for the airport. This will determine what specific projects and elements are implemented.

Phone (Call or Text): 970-309-2156

Project Website:

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