What is the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport vision process (ASE Vision) and why is it needed?

What is the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport vision process (ASE Vision) and why is it needed?  

  • The ASE Vision process is needed to determine how the airport should be modernized to accommodate the community’s air service needs and keep up with changes in the air service industry and reflect the character and values of the community.
  • The existing facilities at ASE are out of date and out of step with the global evolution of the air service industry.  The existing ASE facilities do not meet: 
    • Federal operations, safety, or security requirements 
    • Sustainable communities’ strategies 
    • Customer service expectations
    • Existing or future requirements for commercial service operations
    • Systems technology requirements 
    • Provide a customer experience that reflects the character or sense of place of the community  
  • The air service industry and hospitality industries are constantly changing, and Federal requirements are driving changes and improvements at airports around the world.  


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