Airport Experience Working Group (AEWG)

The AEWG will define the desired customer experience provided by the airport from the standpoint of the airport users (resident, business, and leisure travelers). The group will provide recommendations on how the community’s identity, values, and sustainability goals should be communicated to airport users through the facilities provided at the airport.

The AEWG will be convened at key project milestones throughout the visioning process to:

  • Define the quality of the space and facilities level of service from the standpoint of all user groups.
  • What is the desired take away for all users arriving and departing the airport (first and last impression)?
  • How should the community’s identity, values, and sustainability goals be reflected in the customer experience?
  • Define key terminal and landside features, amenities, and concessions.
  • Define ground transportation connectivity, access, and parking goals.
  • Understand the limitations on the County’s ability to finance existing airport operations and new capital projects.
  • Present findings and make recommendations to the AVC
  • Facilitate a two-way community dialogue by serving as project partners to share information and identify community priorities


Airport Experience Working Group Meeting #1



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