Airport Vision Committee (AVC)

The role of the AVC is to serve as the overarching project advisory committee focused on holistic project development. Recommendations from the AVC, along with input from the topic-focused Work Groups and overarching community, will inform the County’s decision-making process.

The AVC will be convened at key project milestones to:

  • Establish guiding principles for the airport vision process and facilitate a two-way community-focused dialogue
  • Provide input on preliminary project concepts and refine information for community-wide outreach
  • Provide a forum for consolidating, integrating, and reporting out the vision and recommendations developed by the working and focus groups
  • Identify priority issues and consider input from the project’s topic-specific Work Groups
  • Activate and deploy the project’s Focus Group
  • Serve as project partners to share information and help identify community priorities

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